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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  June 12, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon, everyone. we begin with breaking news. a jury has found a suspect guilty of misdemeanor theft and misconduct while in office. accused of paying an employee in her law firm with state funds, she continues to serve in the house of delegates. she is accused in a second case of using her campaign funds to finance her wedding.
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the i-team on the scene of a massive warehouse fire. berry joins us live from the same. fire investigators are back on the scene today? >> fire investigators have begun their investigation. firefighters were back here this morning and they say the fire rekindled. yesterday afternoon, the fire reached five alarms making it extremely difficult to get that fire under control. firefighters say the building's roof collapsed which made it difficult for them to try to work inside which is why they had to attack it from the outside. one firefighter was injured. his injuries were minor. captain, if you could talk about
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the difficulties. what was the most difficult part? >> the roof collapsed and it was difficult to put firefighters inside, so we went to an exterior attack. we were dallas and water on the exterior from both the front and rear. it was very difficult in getting to the seed of the fire, so the fire burned for quite a while. at this point, i do not know the exact origin of where the fire started. investigators are investigating it as we speak. >> any idea what caused -- >> that is what we do not know at this time. investigators are still looking into those situations. >> we will have much more tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. >> thank you. starting next summer, you could
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be paying for bottled drinks in baltimore city. the tax is now one vote away from approval. it would raise the rate from 2 cents to 5 cents per bottle. supporters believe raising the tax is the best way to fund school construction in the city. opponents tell us the tax will hurt city businesses and resident. >> with all of the burden of taxes in this state now and the impact this has on business in a depressed economy, though the taxes paid by the distributor, it is a trickle-down effect and the consumer ultimately pays the price for it. >> if approved, the tax will go into effect july next year.
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four people are recovering after an mta bus accident. a child was riding a bike in cherry hill and hit the bus. the child was not hurt by a four people on the bus complained of some injury. >> so far, the rain has been light but i think it will pick up in intensity. low to mid 70's and muggy. you can see some heavy rain. this is moving to the east. steady rain will develop around baltimore and then spread to the eastern shore. the forecast for today. periods of rain during the afternoon, especially the early afternoon. a high temperature of 78 degrees. we will take a look at your 7- day forecast going into the
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weekend in a few minutes. >> day two in the sex abuse trial of jerry sandusky. we get the latest now from a reporter in pennsylvania. >> jerry sandusky arrived in a black suit and wasn't revealing no emotions. -- and was revealing no emotions. this morning, an 18-year-old choked back tears as he recounted a sexual encounter with jerry sandusky. he said he did not want it to happen. the testimony is similar to another victim who spend four hours on the stand. showers after working out quickly escalated to sexual abuse. he said jerry sandusky wrote him love letters who he found them
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to be creepy. >> when the witness said i did not stop hanging out with jerry sandusky because he was the only person who listened to me, you could hear a pin drop. it is so hard for someone to admit that no one else is listening and the one person who is listening is the person who was sexually assaulting him. >> of the jurors will hear from eight accusers all with similar stories. the young man who took the stand this morning is considered the catalyst for the entire prosecution and was the first accuser who spoke to police. >> president obama will make a
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campaign stop in baltimore shortly, speaking at a fundraiser this afternoon at the hyatt regency hotel at the inner harbor. he is also expected to participate in other events including a private fundraiser. meanwhile, mitt romney will also visit the area today. his wife is expected to attend a fundraiser later this evening at bwi airports. we will bring you the latest tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. still ahead, dads are in luck this father's day. after a rash of thefts, a trap to catch the culprit. it appers a dingo really did take her baby. 32 years later, a coroner says she was telling the truth.
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looking into the case of lindy chamberlain-creighton. she was the mother who made the claim that a wild dog carried off her baby during a camping trip. she served more than three years in prison before being cleared of killing her child. a general manager in washington, d.c., comes up with a way to catch the band. he rigged the locker with flour and then set up a security camera to catch the thief. posted his photo on wall. still to come, think you are making the best choice when it comes to choosing fast-food with your child? think again. the list of the most on healthy meals. >> we have some heavy rain right now spreading east.
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showers will arrive in the next half hour. we will check the 7-day forecast in a few minutes. you can see the rain approaching. state to.
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>> aaa says it will assist nearly 8 million drivers during the summer travel season. to avoid getting stranded, here are some easy tips. inspect your tires as well as check and clean your car battery. and replace your wiper blades. father's day is five days away.
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gift givers plan to spend the most ever on this year's holiday. near $13 billion with the average person spending about $117 each. experts recommend shopping around of. >> before you go out and make your purchase, do your research and know what you want to buy. you want to know yourself that it is just as good. >> the average person spends more than $140 on mom last year. >> the rain so far today has been spotty, but now it is going to pick up in intensity and the next few hours. off to the west, you can see some heavier rain around frederick and just moving into
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carroll county. if it is now training at your house now, it will be shortly. -- if it is not raining at your house right now, it will be shortly. these storms down to the south are not giving us any flooding rain today. what happened was there is a big cluster of thunderstorms late last night and one this morning and it robbed the moisture gee feed. the rain is not as bad as it could have been. you can see the back edge of the showers coming into western maryland here. the rain will taper off this evening and then gradually come to an end. if you have plans this evening, you might be better after 5:00 or 6:00.
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the temperatures have had a hard time moving. we started out in the upper 60's, los 70's. 73 degrees at the airport. you guys up north will probably dip into the low 70's this afternoon. you are going to feel that humidity. one other thing to mention. coastal flood advisories are in effect. rain likely this afternoon. otherwise cloudy, humid. high temperatures between 75 and 80 degrees. watch out for lightning if you are going to take the boat out. a small craft advisory is into effect. your seven-day forecast, better news going into the weekend.
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both of those days will be dry. highs in the upper 70's, low 80's. sunshine, high temperatures in the low to mid 80's. not. -- not bad. >> carrie engel is here from valley view farms to answer your questions. >> the variety on this was one i was not familiar with. pretty cool. >> you are getting a lot of reds and bright colors. let's get to the questions. >> i had the same issue at my house. all brown around the edges.
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i cut some of them off and now it is doing fine. it can handle up to full sun. take those brown leaves off. >> good to know. >> if you see them, you can spray them with safer soap which is no harm to the hummingbird. check it to make sure you have good drainage around the area. >> good enough. >> it depends. a lot of the older varieties bloom on old wood.
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i do not mind losing them later on in the season. >> thank you so much. always a pleasure to see you. if you have a question, you can e-mail us and send pictures of your plants or garden. go to our website at you might be tempted to hit the drive though during hectic summer months. fast-food restaurants are offering healthier options, but was a healthy? a new list of the five worst healthy fast-food meals might be surprising. >> as summer break begins, so do
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the days of cheeseburgers and fries loaded with fat. >> mcdonald, maybe burger king. >> a father of two says he doesn't drive through sometimes like most of us and knows it is not the best idea. >> at the end of the day, you have to feed them. >> the physicians committee for responsible medicine came out with their top five worst healthy kids' meals, and at the top of the list, chick-fil-a. >> it is processed and they add salt to preserve the food. >> it registered a clinical dietitian is a mother of three and knows the pressure of having to feed everyone on the go. >> fast food should be used every blue moon or in the case
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of an emergency dame day >> mcdonald's cheeseburger happy milk contains more sodium than 13 quarters of mcdonald's kids fries. adding a couple apples is not going to solve the problem. >> overall, it is not setting them up for a healthy lifestyle later in life. >> burger king is it even on the list. their kids' meal contains as much cholesterol as six pieces of pork bacon. even when something seems like the healthier choice, many times it can be misleading. >> we want to keep him healthy eating habits now so when they are adults they are eating healthy also. >> coming up next, your maryland midday pick 3 and pick 4 lottery numbers and another check of the
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forecast. first, a look at how wall street is performing at this hour. stay with us.
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i'm sticky and uncomfortable. try gold bond powder. medicated to protect, absorb, even relieve itching. -thanks, jimmy. -thank gold bond. ♪ this stuff works >> tonight, barack obama and at mitt romney's wife have their
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eyes on baltimore. fire officials sift through the evidence of yesterday's warehouse fire. and police say a girl was raped leaving a bar over the weekend. those stories and more when you join us tonight at 15:00. now your maryland midday pick 3 and pick 4 lottery numbers. >> the maryland lottery -- let yourself play! >> your numbers are -- 4. 2. and 4. 4, 2, 4. play powerball every wednesday and saturday night. your pick 4 numbers --
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2. 1. 5. 2, 1, 5, 3. the maryland lottery -- let yourself play! >> we continue to deal with the rain out there. >> it will pick up in intensity for most people this afternoon. maybe a thunderstorm. then it should taper off this evening. a couple sprinkles possible wednesday and thursday. the weekend looks real nice for father's day. >> thank you for joining us. be sure to watch tonight at 5:00. >> have a great day.
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